Check it out! The first trailer for the game I’ve been working on these past few months. DC is advertising something I worked on ☺️there’s a big ass batman sign over something I worked on 😳… All the feels.


The new X-Men movie looks great


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All the planets as one


You included Pluto! :D

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shots fired

Oh snap!

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This is perfect

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Best. Comic. Ever.

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2013… You were magical

2013 Highlights:

- Bro Trip to the Dells for the first weekend of 2013
- Two of my best friends got engaged
- After 13 years, I finally got a new drum set
- Competition BBQ
- Article in game informer that made me realize I want to work in the video game industry
- Saw Book Of Mormon with my family and we all loved it
- Got to house sit/pet sit with my main dawg Leroy for two weeks
- I was in the same room as Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright
- Partying on the roof of 3120 with paper crowns
- I Met Neil Gaimam!
- My band released it’s first EP
- Riot Fest was one of the best weekends ever
- The formation of the 3120 Backyard Volleyball League
- We played our first show on the radio… and it was terrible
- We played a show in Indiana, and it was really good!

So yeah, 2013 was one of the best years of my life. Can’t wait to see how baller 2014 is going to be. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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At the Cal-Neva Lodge in Lake Tahoe, the Nevada/California state line actually runs through the swimming pool.

Fun fact:  Cal-Neva was once co-owned by Frank Sinatra.

This is cool as fuck cause you can tell people you swam from Nevada to California

or that your penis reaches all the way to California

There are two types of people

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