This happened last night. Totally out of the blue. I’m always the one does the asking, so this felt incredible. Thus: whoa. I feel like all the pressure has been taken off and now all I’m going to do is be me while I enjoy some drinks with a very fun, interesting lady… who is also incredibly stunning. Like, holy shit ::pats self on back::


The new X-Men movie looks great


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This is all I can think about today. Can’t wait to talk to her later :D

This is all I can think about today. Can’t wait to talk to her later :D

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All the planets as one


You included Pluto! :D

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You’re welcome.

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Life Update

All moved in to my new appartment and getting really comfortable at my new job.

What’s it like to get paid to play video games? BEST GIG EVER!!! My boss asked if I could do some overtime and I kind of laughed while thinking, “You mean you’re going to pay me time and a half to do somthing I was going to do when I get home?”

So yeah, good life update is good.

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shots fired

Oh snap!

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It’s all happening!

It’s official! I start my new job as a video game tester on Monday! Two years ago I realized that I wanted to work in the gaming industry but I had no idea how I would get my foot in the door. After working my ass off to finish school and a bit of networking I have finally arrived. This is the first step towards my dream of becoming a creative director at a gaming studio and I couldn’t be more excited. Plus!!! I no longer have to wait on tables to make money! Nights and weekends off? HOORAY! The icing on the cake is I am moving in with my best friends next week and my new job is only a short 10 minute bus ride away. Oh and my band has a show tomorrow… And next week… And we are recording a full length album at the end if March… FUCK! I Just want to dance!

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This is perfect

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Best. Comic. Ever.

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2013… You were magical

2013 Highlights:

- Bro Trip to the Dells for the first weekend of 2013
- Two of my best friends got engaged
- After 13 years, I finally got a new drum set
- Competition BBQ
- Article in game informer that made me realize I want to work in the video game industry
- Saw Book Of Mormon with my family and we all loved it
- Got to house sit/pet sit with my main dawg Leroy for two weeks
- I was in the same room as Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright
- Partying on the roof of 3120 with paper crowns
- I Met Neil Gaimam!
- My band released it’s first EP
- Riot Fest was one of the best weekends ever
- The formation of the 3120 Backyard Volleyball League
- We played our first show on the radio… and it was terrible
- We played a show in Indiana, and it was really good!

So yeah, 2013 was one of the best years of my life. Can’t wait to see how baller 2014 is going to be. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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