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I got this email today!!!


BYE. I’m gunna be staying downtown for the next few days and don’t have a laptop.  Where am I going do you ask?  C2E2 MOTHA FUCKA!!!  Spending the weekend at a fancy hotel and going to blow all money on comics, autographs, shirts, and posters.  SO DAMN EXCITED!!!

Really want to try and meet Sean Astin and John Barrowman at c2e2 this year.  I’ve already met Nicholas Brendon and I’m hoping he will give me another epic high five like he did at Wizard World.  I’ve bumped into and talked to Chris Hardwick during the last two cons Ive been to, LETS MAKE IT A HAT TRICK!  C2E2!!! ONE WEEK AWAY!!!!

The best part of comic book conventions is being able to meet the writers and artists who are the creative minds behind some of my favorite books.  It is going to be an epic C2E2!!!!! 1 WEEK AWAY!!!!

AHHHHHH!!! HOLY SHIT! Geoff Johns is coming to C2E2!!! Why do I care?  Maybe it’s because his run on Green Lantern has been on of the best runs in superhero history!  Hal Jordan has become my favorite superhero thanks to this amazing man and now I GET TO MEET HIM!


Got my tickets in December and booked our hotel last night. Now I’m all like…