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Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It.) writes songs that hit so close to home.  He is becoming one of my favorite artists.

Somewhere between caffeine and nicotine
You will find me unentertained and worn out
Pressed to the steps beside my house

It’s somewhere between upset and sick it seems
To still find me the finest quality of pure anxiety
I’m searching for the solace to call you out
To call you at all

So somewhere between midnight and Carroll Street
I will find you a colder shoulder than I’m used to
Bending receivers just to hear the truth

I’m demanding some answers
I’m keeping up with double standards

I am between the words you’re telling me
With a fine toothed comb
I’m drawing lines in my hindsight
Until the stories start to line up right
These details bent and broke us down
The finest rivalry of our anxiety
Searching for the courage to hear you out
To hear you at all

Somewhere between single life and sympathy
You will find me
You will find me

Find me

Bulls vs Heat

Say what you will about either team, this series is just fun to watch. 

This has been a tough season for Bulls fans, but personally, I have loved every minute of it. It hasn’t been a flashy season like last year, but each game has been a battle! Every player has stepped up to provide for the team, and that is why I love my Bulls, because they are a team.

Take away the superstars on the Heat and what do they have? A talented  squad that would have an entirely different game plan. Fact: the Heat have two of the best play makers in the league. Open looks are easy to come by when the opposing defense is double teaming Wade or James, and once an adjustment is made they can start dropping shots left and right.

Could the Heat put up a fight against a team like Oklahoma City without their superstars? Imagine Wade, James, and Bosh were out and Spoelstra had to rely on his second and third string players to step up.  What then? Let me know Heat fans, I would genuinely like to hear your game plan.

I’m not trying to trash talk, I am just saying people need to respect the heart and dedication that this motley crew of a  Bulls team has been putting forth all season long. 

Also, Just a bit of trash talk. Why does it take you Heat fans the entire first quarter to fill the stadium?  You may have guessed there is a reason why the United Center is called THE MADHOUSE ON MADISON.  Our stadium is packed a half hour before game time, probably because we have the best intro in all of sports.  Do you guys just want to avoid that awkward minute in which you have to watch your team work out shirtless while listening to The White Strips?  Yeah, I’d take the time to find a better parking spot instead of watching that too.

So, in closing, I’m having fun watching this series.  Game 2 was tough… but I still have faith in my team, and even if they don’t win it all, I am damn proud to be a Bulls fan. Regardless of the outcome of this series, can we all just take a minute to think about next season? Rose, Hinrich, Deng, Noah, Boozer, Taj, Butler… ha! hot damn!

'twas a gorgeous day in the city.

Merry Christmas to me. #thewho #chicago

This American Life always makes me feel happy.

Novies is needed after a weird day. #beef #Chicago #Italianbeef #foodporn #chicagohasthebestfood #suckit

Fall in #chicago

The Wormhole Coffee
1462 North Milwaukee Avenue

I suggest you visit.  It’s my new favorite place!

I now have a rule that I won’t visit a coffee shop unless there is a
Delorean present.


#chicago #cta #brownline #hancock (Taken with Instagram)

I’ve seen this skyline almost everyday of my entire life, and it never gets old.

I will be spending an evening with RUSH tonight. #fuckyeah!

I will be spending an evening with RUSH tonight. #fuckyeah!

It was a red light. I am a semi responsible driver. #chicago #millenniumpark (Taken with Instagram)

Walking around in my second favorite type of weather (snow storm being #1) and look up at this beauty. #rickyfitts #chicago (Taken with Instagram)

It’s official. Come January I will be a resident of the North side!!!