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Not Fair.  Way to hog all the handsome.

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^^^ My favorite tumblr!!!

Why is it my favorite? Because I love variant poster art/dvd covers and fakecriterions takes this love affair to the next level

God I wish some of these were real… then again I have only ever borrowed or rented Criterion dvd’s.  I know that if I bought one then I would have to start collecting the rest, so it’s either pay the bills or BUY ALL THE CRITERION COLLECTION DVD’S!!!

Winner of this batch: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  That movie was dog shit, but this refrigerator cover makes me giggle. 

Welcome to the Dan Four Institute of Awesome.  Tuition is $60,00.  Make it out to cash and slip it under my door.

Twas an epic Sunday.  Woke up at the crack of 11am and made plans with Steve…those plans being SEEING RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK ON THE FUCKING BIG SCREEN!!!  picture play by play:

  • Driving past Soldier Field.  Bears went on to beat the Chargers 31-21.  WOOT!
  • Steve bitching about Christmas, and a beautiful view of the lake.
  • Arriving to our glorious destination! Picked up tickets then had an hour to kill
  • Chowing down on some delicious thin peperoni and pan sausage pizza.

All in all.  Today KICKED ASS!