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"The decision to be positive is not one that disregards or belittles the sadness that exists.  It is rather a conscious choice to focus on the good, and to cultivate genuine happiness.  Happiness is not a limited resource, and when we devote our energy and time to trivial matters and choose to stress over things that ultimately are insignificant; from that point we perpetuate our own sadness, and we lose sight of the things that ultimately make us happy, and rationalize our way out of doing amazing things."

Christopher Aiff was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in his leg. The doctors told him he was cured, but then found 50 tumors in his lungs on his first check up. Chris is an extraordinary 21 year old that shares wisdom we could all use.

It is people like Christopher who make me appreciate how good I have it. Do you want to know what I think the meaning of life is? LIVING IT!

All hail Internet!

All hail Internet!

thesandylions! YOU just picked the right blog to follow!!!!!!!!!


This is my future child.  He is kind of awesome.

This is my future child.  He is kind of awesome.

So hey…


I know its not a big deal, but I think of the 94 followers I currently have, 80 are complete strangers who like my internet shenanigans.


So now I wait for 6 more cool people to follow my blog


And once I reach 100 followers I am going to have a gif set that is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD!

Sleep now

For tomorrow is going to be EPIC!!!

Getting up early for school will suck, but tomorrow will be my directorial debut!!! I’m a little nervous yet so excited that I might esplode

Then we are going to see Moonrise Kingdom downtown, which is gunna be BALLER

Followed by food stuff :D

I probably watched these comedies five million times as a child.

Stansfield is one of my favorite villains.  GARY OLDMAN FOR THE WIN!

Greatest President Ever!