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I knew that DREDD wasn’t going to be a pop culture phenomenon (mainly due to the fact that most people probably don’t want to give it a chance thanks to the previous adaptation being such a pile of crap), but this movie hasn’t even made half of it’s production value back.

This really pisses me off because I know that this movie is going to have a huge following over the next few years.  People are going to watch it at home and say, “SHIT! I wish I could have see this in theaters.”

 I will admit that I went in with low expectations, I expected this movie to be a run of the mill action flick with cheesy dialogue and uninspired action sequences.  Basically, I went because I am a huge Karl Urban fan and I figured he would entertain me.  HOLY SHIT WAS I PROVEN WRONG!

I am not going to write a review, I just wanted to tell everyone to go see this movie.  It is a perfect cinematic experience.  The story is cool, the visuals are stunning, the characters are interesting, and GORE GORE GORE!!!

And did I mention Kick Ass female leads?

I am making a day to go see it AGAIN before it leaves theaters.  Going to get my Paul Thomas Anderson on with The Master, then grabbing some lunch, talk about how PTA is one of the best filmmakers of our time, then going see DREDD again.  It is the perfect heavy drama palette cleanser.



Ok, these next few months are going to be awesome.

oh. my. god.  best gif set EVER


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ROADHOUSE for the WIN!!!! hahah

Yes.  Twin Peaks is a show, who cares,  Look at that badass cover!

^^^ My favorite tumblr!!!

Why is it my favorite? Because I love variant poster art/dvd covers and fakecriterions takes this love affair to the next level

God I wish some of these were real… then again I have only ever borrowed or rented Criterion dvd’s.  I know that if I bought one then I would have to start collecting the rest, so it’s either pay the bills or BUY ALL THE CRITERION COLLECTION DVD’S!!!

Winner of this batch: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  That movie was dog shit, but this refrigerator cover makes me giggle. 

Anyone who has gone to a movie with me might notice that I always make a point to keep my ticket stub.  Every time a ticket of mine is torn and given back to me, I pull out my wallet and make sure my stub is safe until I get home.  When I arrive home, I go to my room and place the ticket in this old German cigar box that contains every single movie ticket I have purchased since I was 17.  What was the first ticket that I saved when I was 17? You’re looking at it!  On the left is the first movie ticket of my collection, and on the right is my latest addition.  I didn’t count all of the tickets in my crappy old cigar box, but I feel as if the number is in the low 200’s. Half of that number has to do with the fact that I am a total movie nerd, and the other half is thanks to working at a movie theater for 2 years; I would go see movies I didn’t even feel like seeing, I would go just because I could haha. It was a bitch to find Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but going through all these tickets brought back a lot of memories, and it made me realize how far I have come in the past seven years.  Can’t wait to see what my collection is like when I am a wrinkly old man.  BOOSH! GOODNIGHT!

I tend to do this thing where I put a movie on before bed and end up staying up way past my bedtime.  Here are the movies that have been keeping me up this week.

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO RENT DRIVE!  They have it at red box so you have no excuse! GO! NOW!

LOL Perfect Review for that terrible pile of shit.

My thoughts on Sucker Punch

It is a 90 minute music video with a story that makes me want to….

Tom Hollander’s performance as Isaacs was my favorite part of Hanna.  One of the best bad guys I have ever seen in a film and he only had about 16 minutes of screen time.  GO WATCH HANNA!!! Probably my favorite movie of 2011

I probably watched these comedies five million times as a child.

Stansfield is one of my favorite villains.  GARY OLDMAN FOR THE WIN!

My new addiction… making gifs.

My new addiction… making gifs.